Mississippi State turned in one of its best performances of the season in a 51-32 victory over Missouri on Saturday to close the regular season.

The Bulldogs rang up 446 yards, including their first game with more than 100 rushing yards as they finished with 151. It was a complete performance as they scored at least 13 points in three quarters.

Here’s a sampling of what Leach shared with the media after the game:

“I thought we competed hard throughout. And when you compete hard, you can get over some of the bonehead stuff.”
“We’re not there yet, but we took a step today.”
Leach on all the obstacles his team has had to face in his first season as Mississippi State’s coach: “I think it’s sometimes hard to get a tent over the circus.”
Leach added that MSU has been under the scholarship threshold for five weeks.
Asked about potential opt outs ahead of a bowl game, Leach said, “Football is always fun to play, and I’d like to think that’s why everyone signed up in the first place… I’m not too concerned about it.”
Leach on the misdirection wrinkle MSU added in the running game, “That’s an old, old play. Maybe some folks forgot about it. It’s been around. When Fred Flinstone was around we ran that play.”

H/T Ben Portnoy and Tyler Horka.