Will Rogers exited Saturday’s Week 6 matchup against Western Michigan after suffering an apparent shoulder injury.

He was taken back to the locker room and returned with helmet in hand about 5 minutes later, heavily favoring his left shoulder or arm.

The injury occurred towards the end of the game and backup Mike Wright has since taken over. The Bulldogs are currently up by a few scores, leading 41-28 with under 4 minutes left in the game.

Rogers was having a good outing against an outmatched Western Michigan squad. Rogers, who is almost certainly done for the day, threw for 189 yards with 3 touchdowns on 16-of-22 passing.

Obviously, the concern for this game now turns to Rogers’ injury with the Bulldogs heading into the bye week. Assuming they hold on, the 3-3 Bulldogs take on Arkansas following the off week.