After a narrow win against MTSU last week, Missouri came out in Week 3 and looked like a completely different team in a 30-27 win over Kansas State that ended in the most thrilling way possible on a last-second field goal.

With the 3-0 start, Missouri now seems like a team that could go on to win some more big games later on in SEC play.

Here are three takeaways from the game.

Offense comes out hot

In just two quarters of action, Missouri’s offense matched and improved its total points from last season’s matchup against the Wildcats.

Last season, Missouri had just 12 points against Kansas State as the Wildcats cruised to a win. In the first half on Saturday, Missouri scored 17 and went into halftime with a 17-14 lead.

That is thanks in large part to quarterback Brady Cook, who notched a touchdown through the air to Luther Burden and also picked one up on the ground. An early interception from the defense also helped the Tigers take an early lead.

Third-quarter collapse proves costly

After the hot offensive start, Missouri came out in the second half and punted the ball away 3 straight drives. The Tigers did not punt at all in the first half.

And Kansas State made them pay for it, scoring 10 points in the third quarter to take a 24-17 lead heading into the fourth quarter.

It took Missouri more than 15 minutes of game time to get its first points of the second half, getting a field goal to start the fourth quarter. From there, Missouri’s offense returned as Cook connected with Burden again for a passing touchdown and Missouri was able to not let the game get out of hand.

Mizzou proved a lot in win

After going down to the wire with a non-Power 5 team a week ago, there were lots of questions on the legitimacy of this year’s Missouri team.

This week, the Tigers proved they can contend against a really good team, which should give fans some encouragement as Missouri gets ready for some tough SEC games.

Looking ahead at Missouri’s schedule, the Tigers will take on Memphis next week and Vanderbilt the next week, which could be easy wins and a great start before they face LSU. While nobody will be picking Missouri to win the SEC East, the team will at least be respected as an opponent that can give any team problems.