After scoring a touchdown on their first possession of the game, the Missouri Tigers attempted an onside kick that didn’t look good at all.

The result was a ball that barely went seven yards, leading to an illegal touching penalty from the Tigers. Then, to make matters worse, the Tigers were offsides on the onside attempt, adding five more yards to the Gamecocks’ excellent field position.

The Gamecocks, of course, scored on the drive. At halftime, coach Barry Odom explained that it wasn’t a called onside kick — it was simply a whiff from K Tucker McCann:

“He mishit the ball, so it looked like an onside kick,” he said. “We were trying to bloop it down the right side. He mishit it and it left us in a bad situation.”

The Tigers are desperately trying to keep the ball out of Deebo Samuel’s hands on kickoffs, but so far, they haven’t been able to do it without making other mistakes.

We’ll see if they switch up their strategy after halftime.