Missouri is in a tough situation all around, both in its season, with a five-game losing streak, coach Barry Odom’s future, and of course, the cloud of the NCAA decision still looming with no timetable known.

Odom said he would like to know the NCAA fate going into Friday’s game in Little Rock against Arkansas, but he’s told his team that it shouldn’t focus on the unknown.

“We’re anxious to find out what it is, but also the clock’s ticking, just waiting on the phone to call,” Odom said at his regular Monday press conference. “I am tired of talking about and I know you guys are tired of reporting about it and tired of asking about it.”

Odom said he met with athletics administrators last week just like he does every week and he’s trying to do everything he can to get this next win.

“That’s so huge for our program on moving it and continuing the momentum of three bowl games in a row, that means something, we talked about that last night as a team,” Odom said. “Our entire organization knows the importance of this game.”

Not just for the senior class, but for Mizzou football win No. 6 would be a big deal.

“If anyone takes that lightly, they haven’t been in the game very long,” he said.