Two days into Denver’s training camp, and already head coach Vic Fangio has seen enough of Drew Lock to know he’s not “NFL-ready” yet.

The Broncos drafted Lock in the second round (No. 41 overall) of the 2019 NFL Draft after most projected him to be a first-round pick; however, Denver took advantage of Lock falling to the second round and gobbled him up.

Prior to the draft, Denver traded for veteran QB Joe Flacco after he spent 11 years in Baltimore. When Denver drafted Lock, most thought that was a perfect landing spot. He gets to sit behind Flacco for a few years, learn the game, learn the system and the position.

One thing about Lock — he has a cannon, but Fangio reminded everyone Friday that while Lock can change arm angles with the best of them, that’s not always the best decision. He also extinguished any talk that Lock is ready to play in a professional game.

“I think a quarterback that can change his arm angles is a position when it’s needed. You don’t want to do it when you don’t have to do it. Obviously if someone’s in my face and I have to do it, that’s good to have that talent,” Fangio explained, via “But if I’m strong in the pocket and there’s nothing, I want to throw over the top, nice and strong. I don’t want to rely on side-arms. It’s good that he can do that, but he needs to use that when he needs to and not when he doesn’t need to. His college offense really had no carryover to pro offenses. He was under duress a lot in college, so a lot of his plays he was running around.

“I don’t think he’s far along as far as being as NFL-ready a quarterback as he could’ve been. That’s what I mean when I say he’s got to get ready. He’s not a quarterback yet — he’s a hard-throwing pitcher that doesn’t know how to pitch yet. The faster he gets that, the better off he’ll be and we’ll be.”

Fangio was rather candid about his rookie QB, wasn’t he? Judging by Fangio’s comments, it’s unlikely the Broncos are going to push Lock into any starting position in the near-future.

However, there’s plenty of time for Lock to hone his game and become a seasoned NFL QB in the future.