Check out these highlights from Mizzou’s spring game

Mizzou hosted its annual spring game Saturday, and 16,457 fans showed up to watch.

The Tigers gave three different QBs work during the spring game, but it was JUCO transfer Jack Lowary that stole the show. He completed 7-of-11 passes for 113 yards and two TDs, both of which were beauties. Lowary was the only QB to throw a TD, but he also threw an interception.

Check out that and more in the highlight video.

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  • Lowary was ready to play last year. He looks better than Lock on some plays and sometimes Lock looks better. Micah Wilson is more aggressive on the run but not significantly. Clearly all these quarterbacks are following Heupel’s coaching, still some room for improvement of course.

    Dawson Downing, Nate Strong, and the true freshman Miller saw most of the rushing. Downing was quicker and faster and dished out some punishment, Strong went looking for even more contact, and Miller did the same but in a freshman body. We did not see Witter, Crockett, or Roundtree.

    The receivers are faster and catching better. QB deliveries are coming along. Routes are better.

    Defense tackled better, closed holes on the line better, needed just a little better balance, looked much better as the day went along. The Oline is ahead of the Dline but they are much closer this year. Kicking game was the most improved, even a fan hit a 30 yard field goal.

    Both offense and defense showed zero new play book, mostly running three simple chalkboard plays, defending fairly well with junior high strategy. There was some blitz, it was fast and effective, but mostly the defense just let the offense come at them and balanced the welcome committee. There was one more touchdown than credited. The game was very short and very simple, but especially the offense looked ready to get 2017 plans laid out. Every play had some interesting looks to it but this neutral summary is probably a complete enough idea for fans who couldn’t be there to know. A huge crowd of former Tigers from most every year were on hands. The crowd was small but focused on the scrimmage. Warm sunny day. One of the top 200M sprinters was on the track next stadium over and turned in a good but not personal best time. Some of the teams on hand Nebraska, U of Northern Iowa, Southwest Missouri State.