It’s not every day you get to see a kicker talking trash.

Be that as it may, following Missouri’s COVID outbreak that forced Eli Drinkwitz’s team to back out of the upcoming Music City Bowl, Iowa senior kicker Keith Duncan shared his thoughts on having his season end sooner than expected.

“People don’t understand that we’re used to not seeing our families on holidays. I haven’t been with my family for Christmas in five years. We stayed in town while they went home. If you didn’t want to play in the bowl game you should’ve just said so,” Duncan posted online.

Based on that reaction, Duncan appears to be indicating that Missouri knew ahead of time they wouldn’t be playing in the Music City Bowl.

It’s unclear if Duncan blames Missouri for making him miss the previous four Christmas’s with his family.

Either way, Missouri’s coach did address the negativity he’s already seen online following the official cancellation of the Music City Bowl.

While some have directed anger towards Missouri’s players, Drinkwitz says that’s uncalled for.

The coach also added that any negativity should be directed towards him.

“I do want to say this, if there was anyone to blame for this, it would fall on my shoulders,” Drinkwitz said on Sunday. “As the head coach and leader of this organization, it is by no means our players’ fault or our organization’s health care or protocols. We have followed those stringently since they have become inception and we have done everything possible but if there was an easy way out of this predicament, the virus, I think this country would have already handled that.

“And so, for us to be belittled or beleaguered on social media, for our players to be challenged because they went home for Christmas is unfair. And if they want to direct that, ultimately as the head coach, you can place that blame on my shoulders. But our players didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just unfortunate that we are going through an ongoing pandemic.”