Missouri’s offense is struggling right now, and some might call it a malaise or a funk. Offensive coordinator Derek Dooley has another way to describe it: Football hell.

The Tigers haven’t scored more than 14 points since the Ole Miss win, 38-27, on Oct. 12. That stretch includes losses to Vanderbilt, Kentucky, Georgia and Florida. For starters, Dooley said the Tigers must not beat themselves.

“We continue to do things that’s not characteristic of us,” he said. “Things we didn’t do earlier in the season, and there were about five or six plays out there where we end drives, and it has nothing to do with the opponent we’re playing.”

Making bad decisions and controlling their emotions are just some of the problems.

“When you’re in a little rut, you’ve got to start there,” he said. “Let’s don’t beat ourselves. … We’re kind of in a little bit of a football hell right now, and it’s that old saying, when you’re walking in hell, keep going, right … that’s what we’ve got to keep going. There were some really good signs the other day of us coming out and we would just de-rail it. Making some mistakes that we shouldn’t make, so we got to keep pushing on.”

The Tigers return to action this week when they play host to Tennessee.