D’Moi Hodge is fresh off a 26-point performance against Tennessee in the SEC Tournament quarterfinals Friday and he’s already off to a hot start against Alabama Saturday.

Hodge has 7 points and 4 rebounds, including perhaps the most absurd shot of the SEC Tournament this season. With 2 seconds left on the shot clock, Hodge chased down an inbounds pass, corralled it, turned around in one motion and drained a circus shot just before the buzzer.

Words don’t do it justice. Check it out below:

Luck? Absolutely not.

And before you scream luck, consider this: Missouri does this kind of stuff all the time. The Tigers beat Tennessee earlier in the season with a last second buzzer beater from 50 feet. They did similarly earlier in the season against UCF. And, surprisingly enough, they practice for situations just like this.

Head coach Dennis Gates has clearly thought of everything. According to Kobe Brown, Gates sets up crazy situations in practice so they are prepared for everything.

Making crazy, improbable shots is just what Missouri does. Let’s see if their exciting playstyle is enough to knock off Alabama in the 2nd half. The Crimson Tide leads 31-29 exiting the halftime break.