Former Mizzou star QB Drew Lock is now the starter for the Denver Broncos. Having grown up in Kansas City, that makes this weekend’s game against the Chiefs even more special.

Lock and his family went to Arrowhead Stadium many times when he was younger, so the Chiefs will always hold a special place in his heart.

However, as he prepares for Sunday’s game, Lock said he’s embraced the villain role he now has in his home city (via

“It’s hard to forget 22 years of your life, especially because I’m only 23 now,” Lock said. “This is my first full year out of Kansas City. Everyone remembers their hometown, so there will always be that feeling of, ‘My parents are actually leaving Kansas City to come see the game,’ type of deal. It’s nothing that makes you play different or nothing that get me all amped up to play the game this week — that’s not how it works. You should be amped up for every game every week.

“It is cool, I’ll say that. It is cool to be able to put the Darth Vader mask on and steer away from the Jedi and come to the dark side, so to say, over here in Denver. I kind of like playing that guy. Hopefully, I can be that guy and get a win this Sunday and start the rivalry a little bit.”

Last year, Lock and the Broncos lost to Kansas City 23-3 in a snowy game. This time around, Lock is hoping for a different result.