The Missouri Tigers pulled off a thrilling upset of reigning national champion LSU on Saturday, thanks in large part to a goal-line stand with time running out in the fourth quarter.

The broadcasters openly wondered why coach Eli Drinkwitz didn’t call timeouts to try to save some clock if LSU scored.

Joining “The Paul Finebaum Show” on Monday afternoon, Drinkwitz gave a thoughtful explanation, saying he didn’t want to give LSU coaches time to think about their play calls:

“I got some questions about why I didn’t call a timeout down there with 44 seconds left,” he said. “One, we were winning. Our defense knew what they were going to do down on the goal line. We didn’t want to allow them to have time to make their calls. You just heard in the press conference that Coach O didn’t feel like they had their best personnel in, all that stuff. If you call a timeout there, you let them think through their calls. The pressure was squarely on them. We let our players make plays. Nick Bolton on that third down, the dude was wide open and Nick knocks it down. Then on that fourth down, (Josh) Bledsoe’s closing speed on that sprint-out pass. It was a great win.”

Two stuffed runs and 2 batted passes later and the Tigers had their first victory of the Drinkwitz era.

Now, we’ll see how many more wins the first-year Mizzou coach can pile up in 2020.