Eli Drinkwitz and the Missouri Tigers will get a rare road trip to the Northeast on Saturday with a game at Boston College.

The Tigers will step out of the typical Midwest and Southeast footprint to meet the Eagles, who are 3-0 with wins over Colgate, UMass and Temple.

Drinkwitz was asked about this type of road trip for a non-conference game, and whether he’s in favor of a more regional opponent. For perspective, the Tigers have upcoming games in future seasons against the likes of Illinois, Kansas, Kansas State and Colorado.

“This is by no means is any knock on Boston College, because I think it’s a great game and it will be a tremendous test,” Drinkwitz said at his Tuesday press conference. “… Us traveling to Boston is going to be a very difficult test. If I had my pick of it, I would love to play a regional matchup that was maybe more of a rivalry game that would be maybe a little bit more exciting for recruits to watch from a TV perspective. Or maybe we’re playing in front of your family. I don’t know the last time Missouri signed a kid from the great state of Massachusetts.”