Missouri coach Eli Drinkwitz is one of the more laid back and easy going coaches in the SEC, especially with regard to off-the-field news and updates. He’s aware of most stories as they come out.

So Drinkwitz didn’t wait for any questions about the biggest news of the week which dropped on Wednesday afternoon that Texas and Oklahoma reportedly had interest in joining the SEC. Drinkwitz also referenced that a Big 12 rules official in recent weeks announced that any player who flashed a “Horns Down” sign would receive a 15-yard penalty.

Drinkwitz then said he asked Commissioner Greg Sankey if an SEC player flashing a “Horns Down” sign during a game would be a 15-yard penalty. Drinkwitz said, “He gave me a strong rebuttal: No comment.”

Later in his comments, he turned serious and said about Texas and Oklahoma, “They’re not on our schedule this year, but if they are in the future, I hope I’m employed long enough at Mizzou to see that.”

He was also asked if Oklahoma might be a potential rival with Mizzou down the road, but Drinkwitz preferred to stick with Arkansas for the time being.

“I kinda like the rivalry we have with Arkansas,” he said. “I can’t remember the last time they beat us. Crud, I think we’ll keep that one right now.”