Missouri’s upset win over LSU has changed the perception of the program across the SEC, and the country, as coach Eli Drinkwitz has given multiple interviews this week about how his staff is trying to change the culture of the Tigers’ program. But how does that resonate with recruits and fans?

At his regular Tuesday press conference, Drinkwitz shared how the sales pitch is different now.

“It’s a tangible result to the words that we’ve put out there,” Drinkwitz said. “We’ve talked a lot about changing the culture, and the stated goal is to win the SEC East. I think sometimes you come in and you’re an energy guy, and all that stuff. Sometimes people think, ‘Well, it’s just talk.’ The results speak for themselves. Now we’ve got some tangible results for Mizzou.”

With a week off now because of the postponement of the Vanderbilt game, Drinkwitz said he would spend Friday and Saturday recruiting.

“Obviously for our staff and the guys that have come into this organization with me, we’ve had results in the past where we’ve been,” he said. “But now we’ve got some tangible results here for Mizzou. And hopefully what this does … helps build momentum for the Mizzou faithful, that we can continue to restore the pride that we have in this great program. That we can get rural Missouri, we can get St. Louis, we can get Kansas City, we can get those guys and people to tune in. To buy tickets, to invest in our program. There’s still a lot of things that we need to continue to push the envelope. The Southeast end zone project is unbelievable, but there’s still more to do.”

He added that it’s no time to take the foot off the gas, in fact, “it’s a time to accelerate through the curve and try to capitalize on what we’re doing.”