In the last week, Missouri has prepared for three opponents, and is set to play just one of them this week in Kentucky. The Vanderbilt game was postponed, and then this week’s schedule shifted from Florida to Kentucky.

Coach Eli Drinkwitz explained how all that was managed on the SEC coaches media teleconference.

“We were putting the finishing touches on Vandy, began prep for Florida then moved to Kentucky… it was a challenge for our support staff,” he said. “Kentucky has a unique scheme, it will be the first time Connor (Bazelak) has faced this much coverage. It’s something we have to really work on.”

An offensive-minded coach, Drinkwitz said Kentucky’s secondary benefits from, “a really good scheme… they provide variations… they know where they are supposed to be.

He also noted UK has nine picks in the last two games.

During the unexpected off week, which Drinkwitz called a little bit of a surprise, the Tigers “shifted gears to self scout to correct our issues…. we started to work on Kentucky on Sunday.”

With Bazelak as the starter at QB, Shawn Robinson’s role was brought up.

“Shawn is a tremendous teammate, he is doing everything we are asking of him… working as if he is the starter… he defers to Connor when it’s his opportunities,” Drinkwitz said. “He has a bright future ahead of him.”