Eli Drinkwitz showed off his sense of humor on Saturday with some trolling of Florida and Dan Mullen following Missouri’s overtime win over the Gators.

Drinkwitz revealed a light saber at the end of his post-game press conference, and said “may the force be with you.” That’s, of course, in response to Mullen dressing up as Darth Vader last year following Florida’s win over Missouri.

On Monday, on “SEC This Morning” on the SEC Network, Drinkwitz explained how his light saber came about, but first added some good-natured ribbing about the game-winning 2-point conversion.

“That’s the only reason I went for 2 for the win was so that I could pull off that at the end,” he said. “I’ve got to give a shout out to my recruiting department, they had kind of had that setup, and I told them I’m not worried about that, and then in the locker room after the game, they said, ‘Hey coach, we’re going to put this underneath your podium. I said, ‘Alright, let’s go for it, let’s see how this plays out.'”

Drinkwitz added that football coaches are part of an entertainment business, and while their livelihoods are on the line, they’re paid well, and the kids deserve their best, because “at the end of the day, it’s about them.”

Drinkwitz said the play itself was practiced on Friday exactly as it unfolded on Saturday for the win.