Missouri coach Eli Drinkwitz has learned plenty in his first year plus as a head coach and that includes what to say in the media, and about the SEC officials.

During an appearance at SEC Media Days, Drinkwitz shared why he hesitates to criticize the officials.

“I’m what they call new money,” Drinkwitz said. “So I’m not really giving away money right now. I think some of these other guys have had money for a long time. So it doesn’t quite matter as much to them. My wife would kill me. She still lets me live off that Auburn salary. How do I draw the line between brash? I just focus on I am who I am. I do carry the weight, alright what’s the negative impact if I say something really stupid. Learned a couple things last year when I picked a fight with Kirk Herbstreit, and called somebody Lou Saban, but it is what it is, live and learn.”