There were some bright spots during Missouri’s loss to Alabama on Saturday, especially in the second half. But coach Eli Drinkwitz said there are plenty of issues to work on in order to develop into a championship program.

The coach outlined almost every area of the game in detailing areas to improve on the Wednesday SEC coaches media teleconference.

“Before we can win a championship, we got to keep beating ourselves and we had too many self-inflicted plays on offense, defense and special teams where we we just didn’t execute to the standards that we need to execute to,” Drinkwitz said. “Whether it was turnovers, whether it was not good enough feel on third downs, whether it was taking negative yardage plays at the quarterback position where it wasn’t making contested catches where it wasn’t, you know, double team in the right way in order to prevent them from getting the catch.”

Even before the Alabama game, Drinkwitz spoke of the need to improve on Sunday anyways.

“I mean those are the things that we have to control,” Drinkwitz said. “If a player makes a play, he makes a play but there were times where we didn’t execute what we know we got to execute more to be successful and that’s that’s coaches that’s players that’s all this we got to improve. And that’s the name of the game when no matter how it started. We knew that that Saturday need to be about improvement. And that’s what this week all about is trying to get better. And we’re working every day to try to improve the product. And so that’s, that was the takeaways before we even won a championship we got beat ourselves.”