Eliah Drinkwitz’s specialty comes on the offensive side of the ball but considering college football is ripe with diverse offensive schemes, simply saying someone has an offensive background doesn’t narrow down what they do at all.

During his introductory press conference on Tuesday, Drinkwitz shared that he plans to be Missouri’s offensive coordinator and playcaller moving forward but did note that could change down the line.

When it comes to his offensive philosophy, the former high school coach actually began his coaching career working under Gus Malzahn in the Natural State. While many would assume that means Drinkwitz runs Malzahn’s offense, the new Missouri coach said that is not the case.

“Where Coach Malzahn and I separated, and that’s where my personal growth began,” Drinkwitz explained. “Bryan Harsin come to Arkansas State, he came from Texas, and we were able to blend our offensive identities — the philosophy of no-huddle attack with multiple personnel, shifts, motion, pro-style concepts. And that’s really were this offense began to take root and became my own and that’s really where it’s grown from and so that’s how that transition occurred.

“Coach Malzahn and I actually got together this past summer and talked and I think there was some surprise, on both sides, about how far we both evolved from those (early) points together — but we still have that foundation of our time together, too.”

In addition to the offense Drinkwitz plans to run, he shared some insight into the characteristics he looks for in a quarterback.

“I look for five characteristics in a quarterback: toughness, preparation, decision making, accuracy and leadership. Those five requirements don’t fit in a box. Leaders come in all shapes and sizes, quarterbacks come in all shapes and sizes but I think the great quarterbacks possess those five things,” Mizzou’s coach said. “The mental toughness, the willingness to prepare, the willing to make great decisions that you can trust with the ball in his hands. A guy who is accurate throwing the football and a guy who everyone wants to gravitate to. There is no perfect answer for what a quarterback is going to look like but I do know if he possesses those five characteristics, he can play quarterback for me.”