Florida defensive coordinator Todd Grantham didn’t try to explain why Missouri’s offense is so much better when playing at home at Faurot Field, but he does know that the Tigers put out a talented bunch.

“They’re obviously talented and won some games at home to understand that we have to bring our ‘A’ game,” he said. “When you look at them, the offensive line, three out of the five guys we played last year, the running backs are good players. I think they have one of the best tight ends in the league, what he can do.”

The difference between the Tigers on the road and home is vast. Barry Odom’s team is averaging just 329.3 yards per game away from Columbia while, in front of their home crowd, they are putting up 461.8 yards per game. If you think that is a large margin, take a look at the point differential: 40.4 per game at home vs. 13.0 per game on the road.

One of the biggest differences for the Tigers this season is having Kelly Bryant under quarterback. Bryant, who missed last week’s game against Georgia, will likely return for the matchup against the Gators.

“When he’s in there, you have a guy that can extend plays,” Grantham said. “He brings athletic ability to the quarterback position. I’m sure he has some leadership qualities to him that allows the other guys around him to play. We are aware of that but they still run the same plays regardless of who is playing the quarterback position.

“I think the biggest thing with him is that you’re looking at a physical guy that has a physical stature to him at that position that can extend plays and get some positive yards out of it.”