David Morrison of the Columbia Tribune had some funny tidbits to report on the offensive line in his practice notebook Saturday.

In addition to his spectacular team headshot, Connor McGovern’s Missouri bio reveals that he hails from Fargo, N.D., and is an agricultural economics major. Apparently his family farms potatoes in North Dakota. Potatoes that sometimes become french fries.

Said Evan Boehm, per Morrison:

We’ve been trying to ride Connor and drop hints about it. But I don’t think, being from North Dakota, he’s not picking that up very much. It’s starting to upset us a little bit. He thinks we’re making fun of him but at the same time we’re just trying to drop a hint that, ‘Hey. We want some fries.’ When we go to Friday night meals and watch Connor eat his potatoes, I try to mimic what Connor does. He’s grown up with them. He knows how to eat them and make them good.

In a completely unrelated note, Maty Mauk and Boehm made a public push for the offense to jump onto the “beards and mullets” bandwagon at SEC Media Days.

So what about team captain Mitch Morse, the left tackle, and his advanced balding?

Morrison turned to Anthony Gatti for a solution: “I think we’re going to have to put a wig on him for games. Just a small one.”

Boehm, though, doesn’t see it as an issue:

Last year, Morse had a mullet. The front of his head doesn’t have a lot of hair. The back of his head has a lot of hair. If he keeps growing it at that pace, that’s a straight mullet.

Though football players wear helmets and offensive linemen typically are the least visible players in the public eye, kudos to coach Gary Pinkel and the rest of the Missouri staff. There are a number of coaches in the SEC and around college football that I imagine would not allow a “beards and mullets” motif, especially not one that’s continually referenced in the media.

Sometimes we forget football is a game, and these are college kids. It’s the perfect time to grow mullets and beards. And better to try to angle for some free fries than to steal crab legs, right?