The enduring image of Maty Mauk the last few games of this season is the quarterback prematurely sprinting toward the sideline and heaving the ball out of bounds.

Mauk threw two interceptions in the first quarter, completing 1 of 7 passes for 17 yards. (Redshirt freshman J’Mon Moore took a screen pass behind some good blocking on the perimeter.)

The offensive line and receivers aren’t doing a ton to helpĀ Mauk, either.

On the first interception, Mauk threw high and did not see safety Quincy Mauger breaking on the route. On the second, Mauk overthrew Marcus Murphy on a screen pass, and the ball clanked off the outstretched hands of the diminutive back.

Other than two nice drives at the end of the South Carolina game, the offense mostly has languished for nine quarters now. Missouri is lucky to only trail 6-0 after giving up short fields.

Missouri managed 27 total yards and two first downs in the first quarter.