Even though Michael Sam won the SEC Defensive Player of the Year award in 2013, he wasn’t selected in the NFL Draft until Round 7, perhaps in part because he was the first openly gay player ever to enter the draft.

He never played in a regular-season game and spent a brief amount of time in the CFL before hanging up his helmet altogether.

Now, he’s a motivational speaker, but during a recent speech at the University of Virginia, Sam said he hasn’t given up on his professional football dreams (via News.Virginia.edu):

Sam, who appeared on Dancing with the Stars in 2015, said he hasn’t given up on his pro football dream. He said he hopes to play in the XFL when it relaunches in 2020.

“I think I sold myself short,” Sam said. “I think I was too prideful when I decided I was going to give it up.

“But I do believe I will make a comeback and give it one more try.”

The XFL won’t relaunch until 2020, at which point Sam will be 30, but he hasn’t had the wear and tear of a normal football career the last couple of years.

Hopefully, Sam gets another chance and shows the form that made him a star at Mizzou a few years ago.