Jon Sundvold didn’t pull any punches in his response to the NCAA’s decision to punish Missouri with a one-year postseason bowl ban. He also went out on a big limb at the same time.

Following the news that the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions plans to enforce a one-year postseason ban to Missouri, the school’s board of curators chairman issued the following response to the NCAA:

The NCAA Committee on Infractions made a mistake yesterday. We expect leadership from institutions to admit when they make a mistake, correct that mistake and move forward. The NCAA should do the same. As David Roberts, NCAA Committee on Infractions panel chief officer, said, “Missouri did the right thing.” I now expect the NCAA to do the right thing.

“If it doesn’t, a dangerous precedent has been set. When an individual acts independently of their employer, violates rules, commits extortion and shops her accusations to the highest bidder, why would that institution be punished unjustly after doing the right thing?

“Inconsistent actions by the NCAA continue to erode its credibility. If it doesn’t admit and correct this unprecedented fault, many Power Five schools, like Missouri, will question the need for the NCAA as a governing body.

“As our appeal moves forward, I appreciate the support of the SEC and Commissioner Greg Sankey. When Mizzou wins the SEC East next year, he should do the right thing and invite one of its good standing members to play in the SEC Championship game.

That last line is a doozy.

More power to Missouri for the unified voice in its anger following the news from the NCAA but Missouri hasn’t had a winning record in SEC play since 2014. While the Tigers do project to have a solid team in 2019 making that kind of claim seems a bit odd at a time like this with the school’s focus currently on an appeal.

Who knows, maybe Missouri wins its appeal against the NCAA and rallies together to a magically season and makes a run all the way to Atlanta. That’s apparently the way Sundvold seems it playing out already.