Missouri lands commitment from 2017 Under Armour All-American Akial Byers

Sep 17, 2016; Columbia, MO, USA; Missouri Tigers defensive end Charles Harris (91) celebrates after a sack against the Georgia Bulldogs in the first half at Faurot Field. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

After breaking the hearts of Arkansas in the latest edition of the Battle Line “Rivalry” to end their 2016 season, Missouri has once again gone into the┬áNatural State and come out with a big win, this time on the recruiting trail. Late Wednesday night defensive lineman Akial Byers from Fayetteville announced his commitment to the Tigers.

This announcement looks to end the long and winding recruitment of Byers, the Arkansas’ No. 2 ranked prospect in the 2017 recruiting cycle. After never receiving serious interest from the Razorbacks, Byers committed to Alabama last summer. However, Byers did not sign with the Crimson Tide on National Signing Day and instead looked to be forced to go the junior college route. After making the necessary grades to enroll this spring, Byers is shifting gears and now appears headed to Columbia.

Here’s Byers’ statement announcing his commitment to Missouri:



The 6-foot-4, 275-pound Byers is rated as a four-star prospect┬áin the 2017 recruiting cycle, according to 247Sports Composite Ratings, and was an Under Armour All-American. His offer sheet included Alabama, Ole Miss, South Carolina, Florida State, Michigan, Ohio State, and Oklahoma among others. Should he sign with Missouri as expected, he will become the school’s highest-rated prospect enrolling for next season.

Check out his junior season highlight reel here. Hard to imagine Byers doesn’t make an impact on the Tigers defense next season.

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  • He would have never played at Alabama.

  • Reminds me of demetrius dean out of Fayetteville back in 2011. Talented but couldn’t get eligible. Also lacked accountability. You can’t just expect to show up and expect things to be handed to you in this league.

    • Destin, Why didn’t BB hound this kid until he committed to Arkansas? He let D. Crockett get away last season. Hoping this kid follows Crockett’s path.

  • From the film, he shows consistent explosive energy, and determination, maybe needing D-Line-zouology skills. Big potential. @Destin, he was able to improve enough to become eligible, that doesn’t happen very often. Still your point is well taken, his college star-power may come down to Missouri’s academic support system. This is usually good but there are student athletes that defy the best support system. I’m guessing the determination we see in this video will show up in the classroom when push comes to shove.

    • Well according to some people do the work for the student athletes. Didn’t someone come out about that recently? Might help him qualify if he don’t have to actually take the test.

        • Humerous twist, but not as humerous as the fake tutor wanting to be paid for making writing a more detailed fictional account…. then wanting her bogus transcripts to be changed to say she did legitimate college work for herself.

  • If you are a junkie with recruiting than you would know that after the Undre Armor Game and practices he dropped from a 94 to a 87 on 247. He is not very good against elite talent, that all showed at the UA game. Probably why he played the least amount on the White Team.

    • 324, For MIZZOU we have no other choice than taking under the radar talent & coaching them up. You can coach up tangibles, recruiting the right kid ensures the un-coachable intangible benefits are met. Brick H will indeed coach this kid up, one of the more experienced position coaches in div-1 football. Has Alabama ever had a two star recruit that developed into an All-American & a first round draft pick?

      • Has Missouri ever had a 3,4 or 5 star recruit ever win a NC at Missouri?

        • Has bamatime ever seen an MU article he didn’t go out of his way to troll?

        • Big case of the “look at me”!

        • No, we haven’t

        • So you haven’t posted on a article about Bama CQ? You asked a question about Bama. I asked one about Missouri

        • Post is one thing, routinely go out of your way to be abrasive is another. This article is about an Alabama commit that had a scholarship, but failed to grades early on and ends up at Mizzou after rectifying the academics. Low and behold, who but an Alabama fan starts the comment thread by claiming he is incapable of playing at bama while another one, you, follow up insinuating he’s cheating on entrance exams. Do you even think about how ignorant and childish that crap sounds before you hit publish?

        • You’re not one to talk about ignorant and childish. You’re the same guy to continues to give Bama fans crap about losing a game and talks about the quality of players Bama recruits…… Did someone not come out about cheating at Missouri? I couldn’t care less about how something appears to you since you have done your fair share of giving Bama $hit.

        • It’s a pretty incoherent stretch to suggest my comment about alabama’s season lacking parity because of superior athletes and coaching as relating to anything remotely close to a putdown. I suspect most would see that as their team dominating. In case you haven’t noticed, both of our respective teams were recruiting this kid. Nobody is out to get you, put the foil hat away.

      • There is no such thing as a 3,4, or 5 star athlete playing in the NCAA. As soon as they hit their first day of college practice they become more the product of that college staff’s training. If Saban was so happy with the recruiting services and all-star camps, he wouldn’t be leading the pack trying to get his recruits on campus 8 months before their first NCAA game. Check the star ratings of all Missouri’s NFL pro defensive ends. That a lot higher standard than having the associated press vote you into a bowl game (Ohio State ie.) Missouri’s history of making top bowls with 0,1,2,3,4, and a few 5 Star athletes speaks for itself. I would rather see them play in an NCAA NCG than be one win away from it but it doesn’t take a genius to understand the star ratings are not holding the Tigers back.