Maty Mauk motions right. Direct snap to Marcus Murphy. Flip to Bud Sasser. Wide receiver pass to Darius White in the corner of the end zone.

Not your average two-point attempt.

Missouri’s conversion with just under 13 minutes tied the game at 14 points apiece as the Tigers completed their second-half comeback against the Arkansas Razorbacks.

The Tigers used the momentum of the crucial two-point conversion and pulled away from the Hogs in the end, winning the game 21-14 and the SEC East.

It was a gutsy play call by Missouri on the two-point conversion, but according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch‘s Dave Matter, the brains behind the trick play goes to Missouri offensive coordinator Josh Henson’s 12-year old son, Will Henson.

Here’s the two-point conversion by Missouri.

Henson’s son saw the play in the offseason thanks to a YouTube video titled “Top Ten Trick Plays of College Football.” The play itself was ran by Clemson back in 2012 against Georgia Tech and came in at No. 8 on the list.

Missouri put its own spin on the play adding in another receiver coming across along the back end of the play and it was the change that paid off for the Tigers. White, the added receiver, was the one who caught the touchdown.

No word yet on if Missouri plans to have Henson’s 12-year old son help call more plays from the box or on the field for the SEC Championship.