Howard Richards and Mike Kelly could see the possibility building in the closing seconds of the LSU-Missouri game on Saturday. The voices of the Missouri football radio broadcasts steadily escalated as LB Nick Bolton batted down the third down pass, which led to the convincing fourth down play.

“My goodness, Nick Bolton, so alert, so aware,” Richards said.

Kelly then picked up the call on the fourth down, “Brennan out of the shotgun, 20 seconds to play, takes the snap, moving the pocket right, throws it underneath, incomplete, incomplete, incomplete. Start drinking it folks, start drinking!”

The video from the booth showed the unbridled celebration in the booth as the duo high-fived and danced around the booth.

It was coach Eli Drinkwitz’s first win, and the 45-41 victory came in dramatic fashion.

Mizzou’s defense limited LSU to 49 total rushing yards as the CoMo Tigers overcame three turnovers to beat a defending national champion for the first time since edging No. 5 Notre Dame on Sept. 9, 1978. Mizzou’s 45 points marked the most scored against LSU in regulation since Florida in 2008.

Mizzou took a 45-41 lead with 5:18 remaining in the game on QB Connor Bazelak’s fourth TD pass of the game. LSU however drove the ball down to the 1-yard line when Bolton and senior Joshua Bledsoe broke up back-to-back passes to clinch the game.