Missouri revealed this week that its $45.5 million stadium expansion project should be finished in time for the Aug. 30 kickoff against South Dakota State.

In addition to adding more than 5,000 seats to the East side of the stadium, bringing capacity to more than 71,000, the project introduces”Truman’s Terrace,” which essentially commercializes tailgating.

By transforming a slope into a terrace and providing live music, food and drinks, the athletic department hopes to create a “place to be” vibe that ostensibly will help it rake in more dollars from tailgaters.

For $200 per season, for example, an individual can have a season pass to the food buffet, social lounge and TV-watching area.

This seems like a perfect idea for someone without an RV or the time and patience to plan and execute a tailgate several times each fall. Just show up about two hours before kickoff; no trip to the store or cable hookup required.

As prominent as tailgating is in college and pro football, and as much as the business of the sport has evolved, I’m surprised teams haven’t found ways to wring more dollars out of pre-game revelers. It is 2014, after all. And from the sound of it, the big money-maker for Missouri in this is through group tents of 25 or more people.

I’d expect to see more programs copy this idea soon.