On Wednesday afternoon, Mizzou coach Eliah Drinkwitz spoke with reporters on Zoom, and he called out ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit for recent comments about how he’d be surprised if there was a 2020 college football season.

Drinkwitz then went on “The Paul Finebaum Show” on Wednesday evening, and he had softened his stance quite a bit.

As you can see below, he said he didn’t mean to call out Herbstreit and offered his apologies to the ESPN analyst:

It’s great to see Drinkwitz owning up to his overreaction. It’s fine to say it’s too soon to make any comments about the 2020 season, but ripping Herbstreit for simply expressing his opinion is a bit much.

Of course, let’s all hope Herbstreit is wrong and we do have a 2020 season!