Missouri’s offense produced just two touchdowns during Tuesday’s scrimmage, falling to the defense, 14-12, via a controlled scoring system.

Walk-on running back Tyler Hunt and receiver Jimmie Hunt scored the touchdowns, both operating with the first-team offense. (There’s a hunting headline pun in there somewhere.)

The No. 1 defense forced a three-and-out against the No. 2 offense the first drive and snuffed out a two-minute drill attempt by the No. 2 offense at the end of the scrimmage. The No. 2 defense and cornerback Kenya Dennis forced Maty Mauk into his first scrimmage interception in either spring or fall practice right after Mauk and Russell Hansbrough botched a handoff.

Freshman safety Thomas Wilson also made an interception and sophomore defensive tackle Rickey Hatley recovered the fumble.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Mauk led the No. 1 offense on 10 drives, leading to two touchdowns, three field goal attempts, two turnovers and three stalled drives.

“I thought the (No. 1) offense, the execution was erratic, which happens sometimes this early,” coach Gary Pinkel said. “I think we can certainly get better.”

According to Missouri’s athletic department, the defense produced seven tackles for loss and five “sacks,” though the quarterbacks wore no-contact jerseys.

Speaking of stats, here are the rest of the official offensive numbers.


Mauk: 16-of-24, 191 yards, TD, INT
Berkstresser: 14-of-29, 115 yards
Printz: 16-of-29, 116 yards
Zanders: 8-for-11, 101 yards, INT
Eierman: 1-for-1, 5 yards


Walters: 14 for 93 yards
Witter: 11 for 55 yards
T. Hunt: 11 for 34 yards, TD
Hansbrough: 5 for 49 yards
Mauk: 4 for 14 yards
Drummond: 2 for 7 yards
Murphy: 1 for 3 yards
Printz: 1 for -5 yards


Brents: 4 for 54 yards
J. Hunt: 3 for 37 yards, TD
Sasser: 4 for 64 yards
Murphy: 4 for 16 yards
Hansbrough: 1 for 8 yards
Lee: 3 for 16 yards
Culkin: 4 for 40 yards
Moore: 3 for 13 yards
T. Hunt: 1 for 16 yards
Walters: 3 for 17 yards
Copelin: 2 for 14 yards
Leftwich: 1 for 48 yards
Witter: 5 for 40 yards
Reese: 3 for 48 yards
Brown: 4 for 37 yards
Otte: 2 for 17 yards
Richard: 4 for 44 yards
Echard: 1 for 4 yards
White: 1 for 6 yards
Drummond: 1 for 0 yards