Being a Mizzou fan means you’re signing up for a life filled with ups and downs (mostly downs), bad luck and bizarre happenings.

Nothing has driven that point home quite like the Barry Odom-led Missouri football squads these past 3 seasons. Since the start of the 2017 campaign, the Tigers have lost 13 times (not terrible!).

However, not all losses are created equal, and at least 9 of the losses could be classified as “bad” or “embarrassing.”

So, which were the worst of the worst? Which made Mizzou fans want to rip their hair out (if they even have any left) the most? Here’s a ranking of how embarrassing each of the 13 losses since 2017 have been (starting with the least embarrassing):

13. Alabama (away) — Oct. 13, 2018

No one expected the Tigers to win at Bryant-Denny Stadium. Even the most-optimistic Tiger fans penciled this one in as a loss.

So, when Mizzou was only trailing 13-10 after the first quarter, that was seen as a good sign. Of course, the Tigers didn’t score a single point in the final three quarters of play.

Final score: Alabama 39, Mizzou 10

12. Georgia (away) — Oct. 14, 2017

Like the Alabama game in 2018, no one expected the Tigers to win this contest. Odom’s crew entered Athens on a 4-game losing streak and saw that streak extend to 5 at the hand of Georgia.

The Bulldogs went on to win the SEC title and make it to the College Football Playoff that year. QB Drew Lock torched their defense for 4 touchdowns. Again, not a bad result for a team on the rise.

The Tigers showed signs of life in this game and then went on to rattle off 6 consecutive wins to close out the regular season.

Final score: Georgia 53, Mizzou 28

11. Georgia (home) — Sept. 22, 2018

Yes, the Tigers entered 3-0, but the Bulldogs were ranked No. 2 in the country. It was a pleasant surprise to see the Tigers again compete with Georgia.

Mizzou only trailed 40-29 early in the 4th quarter before a late Georgia field goal secured the victory for the Bulldogs.

Final score: Georgia 43, Mizzou 29

10. South Carolina (home) — Sept. 9, 2017

This was the first loss in what became an embarrassing 5-game losing streak for the Tigers. Here’s where the losses start to get painful, but compared to the other 9 yet to come, this was relatively mild.

Deebo Samuel was simply the best player on the field, running for a touchdown and returning a kickoff for another score.

Final score: South Carolina 31, Mizzou 13

9. Oklahoma State (Liberty Bowl) — Dec. 31, 2018

A tough way for Drew Lock’s Mizzou career to end, but it was a good game. The final play call left a lot to be desired, but even after that loss, the Tigers were still a program on the rise. An 8-5 season was seen as a positive after going 7-6 in 2017.

Yes, it would have been nice to beat a former Big 12 foe, but bowl games are always tricky to predict. Not exactly an embarrassing loss.

Final score: Oklahoma State 38, Mizzou 33

8. Kentucky (away) — Oct. 7, 2017

This was a back-and-forth game that could have gone either way, but as a lot of these games under Odom go, it went against the Tigers. Since 2017, the Tigers are 3-6 in 1-score games.

This wasn’t too embarrassing, though, as it showed that the Tigers were at least willing to fight following a blowout home loss to Auburn (we’ll get to that next).

Final score: Kentucky 40, Mizzou 34

7. Auburn (home) — Sept. 23, 2017

This was the loss that inspired Barry Odom’s famous fiery press conference, in which he insisted he was the right man for the job. Indeed, after 2 more losses following the off week, the Tigers went on a huge second-half run.

However, this game was still brutal. Four turnovers to zero for Auburn. Coming a week after another embarrassing loss (which we’ll get to later), this seemed like rock bottom. This game being only No. 7 on the list means there’s a lot of pain ahead.

Final score: Auburn 51, Mizzou 14

6. Texas (Texas Bowl) — Dec. 27, 2017

Another chance to beat an old Big 12 foe in a bowl game, and another missed opportunity. Add in Texas coach Tom Herman trolling Drew Lock (such a hypocrite) and it makes it even tougher.

Mizzou outgained the Longhorns 390-280, but like the Auburn game above, a -4 turnover margin doomed them. What a statement win this could have been for Odom.

Final score: Texas 33, Mizzou 16

5. Wyoming (away) — Aug. 31, 2019

When I started this article, I thought this loss would be ranked higher. Mizzou had been getting buzz about potentially being 8-0 entering a Nov. 9 game at Georgia.

Nope. Right off the bat, the Tigers suffered a letdown. Maybe this one wasn’t so bad in retrospect because fans didn’t even have the chance to get their hopes up. Oh, and would you look at that — Mizzou was -3 in the turnover battle. Sensing a trend?

Final score: Wyoming 37, Mizzou 31

4. South Carolina (away) — Oct. 6, 2018

The Tigers led 23-14 at halftime and then … it started to rain? Yep, that’s all it took for Mizzou to completely implode. South Carolina won the 3rd quarter 17-0.

However, the Tigers battled back and led 35-34 late in the 4th quarter thanks to a 57-yard field goal by Tucker McCann. Yes, that’s right, the same Tucker McCann who missed 2 kicks against Vanderbilt last week.

Still, it wasn’t meant to be, as South Carolina K Parker White drilled a 33-yard attempt as time expired to hand the Tigers a painful loss.

Final score: South Carolina 37, Mizzou 35

3. Purdue (home) — Sept. 16, 2017

This game was absolutely brutal. It just seemed like the Tigers gave up. Mizzou was outgained 477-203. Purdue controlled the ball for 43 minutes, 43 seconds, compared to only 16:17 for Mizzou.

Nothing went right for the Tigers and they simply quit. In front of a home crowd, this was a really low moment for Odom’s squad.

Final score: Purdue 35, Mizzou 3

2. Vanderbilt (away) — Oct. 19, 2019

The Tigers entered 5-1 and had just climbed back into the Top 25. The Commodores were 1-5 and had just lost 34-10 at home to a UNLV team that was 1-4. If not for a 2nd-half interception by Cameron Wilkins, this could have been even uglier.

Mizzou’s offense was inexplicably flat and it just seemed like there was no energy on that side of the ball. Losing to one of the SEC’s worst teams is unforgivable. Twelve penalties for 120 yards points to a lack of discipline and poor coaching.

Final score: Vanderbilt 21, Mizzou 14

1. Kentucky (home) — Oct. 27, 2018

As confusing and painful as last weekend’s loss was, it still doesn’t top this absolutely brutal loss to the Wildcats last year. The Tigers led 14-3 at halftime and then just … stopped? They didn’t record a single 1st down after the intermission, going 3-and-out on 8 consecutive drives.

Even so, the defense preserved the 14-3 lead going into the 4th quarter. Then, a punt return touchdown by Lynn Bowden Jr. set the tone for the Wildcats’ comeback.

Adding insult to injury is the fact that CB DeMarkus Acy was flagged for pass interference on this play at the end of the 4th quarter:

The Wildcats, of course, won on an untimed down. Basically, even though Mizzou’s offense was embarrassing in the 2nd half, they still should have won this game! Still, if the offense could have even moved the chains once, the penalty likely would have never had a chance to happen.

That was just an utter collapse from the coaching staff.

Final score: Kentucky 15, Mizzou 14

How will this weekend’s game at Kentucky go? We’ve seen Odom’s teams bounce back strong after tough losses (like Wyoming), but we’ve also seen them continue to slide after losses (like Purdue).

Anything can happen this weekend!