After Saturday’s 62-24 loss to Tennessee, we here at SDS started to think about some of the worst losses in Missouri history.

We didn’t have to look far to find some that hurt more than what happened this past Saturday. Here is our look at some of Mizzou’s worst losses.

2004 Troy 24, No. 19 Missouri 14

This game started out well for the Tigers. Behind Heisman hopeful Brad Smith at quarterback, Missouri went up 14-0. It seemed as if it was going to be a cake walk, right? Wrong.

The Trojans scored 24 straight points. After looking like world-beaters to begin the game, Mizzou’s offense was shut down.

Troy coach Larry Blakeney praised his team for not giving up after the first quarter.

“We thought we could, we thought we could, and then we did,” he told reporters. “I wasn’t positive that we would be good enough, but a man told me that we didn’t have to beat them 365 days out of the year, we only had to beat them for 60 minutes tonight.”

And they did. The Tigers finished 5-6 that season and lost to a team they should have blown out.

2019 Wyoming 37, Missouri 31

No one saw this loss coming. Mizzou was an 18-point favorite and no one gave Wyoming a chance.

As with the Troy game, the Tigers jumped to a big lead, 14-0 in the first quarter, then the bottom fell out.

The Cowboys scored 27 points in the second quarter to take a 27-17 lead. The Tigers made it a close in the end as they usually do in these types of situations, but it wasn’t enough.

Cowboys quarterback Sean Chambers rushed for 120 yards and 1 touchdown. The Cowboys ran for 292 yards. A team beating the Tigers by running the football, what a shock.

2016 Middle Tennessee 51, Missouri 45

Have you noticed a theme in some of these losses? Mizzou’s defense gives up a chunk of yards on the ground. The Blue Raiders hammered the Tigers on the ground and in the air.

Behind the one-two punch of quarterback Brent Stockstill and running back I’Tavius Mathers, they gave the Tigers’ defense fits. Stockstill threw for 4 scores and 280 yards and Mathers ran for 215 yards and 1 touchdown.

Damarea Crockett (4 TDs rushing) and Drew Lock did all they could to keep up with MTSU, but in the end, it wasn’t enough.

To make things worse, MTSU won in Columbia — and this same MTSU team lost by 23 to Vanderbilt earlier in the season.

2002 Bowling Green 51, Missouri 28

This was bad on several levels. Quarterback Josh Harris had a field day, accounting for 411 of BG’s 577 yards.

Now, this was a team led by a little-known football coach named Urban Meyer, so looking back maybe we shouldn’t be shocked.

But this was a shocking loss at the time because this was the second year in a row Mizzou had lost to Bowling Green and this was their first win over a Power 5 team at home. Yikes!

2021 Tennessee 62, Missouri 24

Needless to say, this was probably the worst loss in Missouri’s SEC history. What can be said that hasn’t already been said?

Several college football analysts, such as Peter Burns and Chris Doering on SEC This Morning, said they noticed how demoralizing the Mizzou defense looked.

Tennessee put up nearly 700 yards of offense, including 458 on the ground.

Saturday’s loss magnified all of the things this team still needs to work on.