Mizzou QB Drew Lock is having a great season for the Tigers. Through five games, he’s thrown for 1,675 yard and 14 touchdowns.

However, most of that production came in Mizzou’s two games against weaker Eastern Michigan and Delaware State teams.

Lock and the Tigers were embarrassed by LSU 42-7 two weekends ago in a tough SEC matchup.

This weekend, at Florida, Lock told The Kansas City Star that he and his teammates will look to prove they can handle strong SEC competition:

“There’s definitely a little chip on our shoulder,” Lock said. “We know that we can do it. We just want to prove (it) and actually put it into action and get an SEC win. That would be big to us, especially down there in foreign territory.”

He said the LSU loss has stuck with the team through last week’s bye:

“It’s a different feeling,” Lock said of the LSU loss. “It was more frustrating this time. Last year, it was kind of a defeat feeling, but it was more frustrating this time knowing that we could’ve done so much better.”

Mizzou and Florida will face off at 4 p.m. Eastern time on Saturday afternoon in Gainesville. Check out the action on the SEC Network.