Missouri has already picked up 3 crucial penalties in the first quarter of Saturday’s matchup against LSU.

The calls came while LSU had the ball inside then 10-yard line. First the Tigers were given a delay of game call. Then, a Missouri defender kicked an LSU player for an unsportsmanlike call. Then, the Tigers picked up a face mask penalty for ripping an LSU offensive lineman’s helmet off.

The calls helped LSU put the ball in the endzone a few plays later on a 1-yard run from Logan Diggs.

Despite the 2 calls, Missouri is still up 8-7 after an 87-yard opening drive that ended with a touchdown pass from Brady Cook to Theo Wease. The Tigers then went for 2 and converted on a run from Brady Cook.

Missouri is now hoping it can avoid calls like it picked up on LSU’s second drive of the game. The Tigers are looking to stay undefeated and pick up a signature win over LSU.