Ole Miss has been down this road before and now Missouri may find out how brutal a postseason ban can be when the NCAA decides to bring down the hammer on a program.

If you missed the news on Thursday, the NCAA has announced Missouri’s football program has been banned from postseason play for one season following academic misconduct. This all stems from a former Missouri tutor that came forward with information regarding academic work she claims she was doing for some of the school’s athletes.

Well, the NCAA found her credible enough to believe she did work for 12 Missouri student-athletes, which will result in three years of probation, some recruiting restrictions and a one-year postseason ban. Interestingly enough, the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions is asking that all Missouri seniors affected by the postseason ban be allowed to transfer without having to sit out a season.

Here is the exact language used in the NCAA’s final report involving the punishment for Missouri:

In accordance with Bylaw 14.7.2-(c), the COI recommends that the Committee for Legislative Relief waive the one-year residency requirement for student-athletes whose institutions was placed on probation which included a postseason ban penalty.

Ole Miss went through a similar situation once the Rebels were banned from postseason play for two seasons. In that situation, players were free to leave without repercussions. This scenario would be a little different, as only seniors could leave without having to sit out, but based on this recommendation, it would appear Missouri will be forced to allow the same of its most veteran student-athletes in 2019.