Depending on how you view the description of the award, there are several ways to interpret the SEC Coach of the Year.

This season, there are a variety of options, including Arkansas coach Sam Pittman, who was a popular choice early in the season, Missouri coach Eli Drinkwitz, who has exceeded expectations with five wins, and of course Alabama coach Nick Saban, who is favored to win another SEC Championship.

SEC Network host Paul Finebaum shared his thoughts on the matter with Pat Dooley on “Another Dooley Noted Podcast.”

“Just when you’re about to hit the lever for Drinkwitz, he gets just destroyed on Saturday,” Finebaum said. “If you really wanted to pick the guy who’s done the best job, it’s Nick Saban.”

But then he went into his pick.

“I’m going to vote for Drinkwitz because I think he did a lot with very little, as you know,” Finebaum said. “I mean that program really took it on the chin a year or two ago with the NCAA. I think it says a lot about the SEC this year, Pat, when the winner of the Arkansas-Missouri game should be awarded the Coach of the Year. Because both programs were so bad, and they both at least have a life, a pulse now, and I think that matters.”

Finebaum also added that Florida coach Dan Mullen did a nice job, even though the LSU loss was painful, and this Saturday against Alabama may be a long day.

“Considering where this program was a couple years ago and the coaching search was floundering, and whether he could’ve ended up elsewhere, Tennessee or some place, I think Dan Mullen is in a good spot, and I think Florida fans ought to be pretty lucky to have him,” Finebaum said.