The story that won’t go away for the Missouri football program added a new chapter on Wednesday that involves former Tigers coach Gary Pinkel.

According to a report from the Columbia Daily Tribune, Sen. Paul Wieland and his fellow Missouri lawmakers have named Pinkel as one of the people they feel is responsible for the university’s woes coming out of the “Concerned Student 1950” protests that took place during last football season.

The Missouri football team boycotted for two days in advance of playing against BYU in support of the cause, and then-coach Pinkel offered his vocal support of his player’s decision to do so.

Wieland seemingly contends that Pinkel, who shortly thereafter announced he was resigning at the end of the season amidst his own health concerns, made the situation grow into something larger than it should have been by backing the boycott.

The senator revealed his distaste towards Pinkel’s actions to the university’s interim chancellor:


“My constituents were kind of concerned that in their minds he had held the university hostage and as a reward the university gave him a contract for a million dollars over three years.”

Wieland informed the chancellor that he also will be filing a complaint against Pinkel:

“I will probably be preparing a complaint to forward to the provost on” Pinkel’s “behalf as well,” Wieland said. “Because what he did, in my view, did discredit to the university.”

According to the report, if Wieland does file that complaint it could lead to a “formal university investigation” of Pinkel’s role in the boycott.

In other words, stay tuned.