Here are some quick thoughts on Missouri’s 42-13 loss to Alabama in the SEC Championship

What it means: Missouri’s loss comes as no surprise to many people since Alabama was an overwhelming favorite. This Tigers team is often considered a constant underdog, a team that doesn’t get any respect. And with a blowout loss to Alabama, it’s a theme that will likely continue into next year.

What I liked: In true Maty Mauk form, the sophomore gunslinger made some incredible passes on the run . He doesn’t always make the best decisions, but there’s nothing more exciting abtou Missouri’s offense than when Mauk wildly scrambles and guns a deep ball downfield for a big completion. He was able to connect with his receivers on a few of those plays and give Missouri fans a glimmer of hope. Unfortunately for the Tigers, there wasn’t enough magic to complete the comeback.

What I didn’t like: Russell Hansbrough. The normally reliable junior running back struggled to develop much of anything today against Alabama. Much of that is a credit to Alabama’s stingy run defense, but Hansbrough did himself no favors, either. He jukes and danced his way in the backfield to just 21 rushing yards on 13 carries.

Who’s the man: Jimmie Hunt. The senior wide receiver connected with Maty Mauk on a number of deep balls that provided much of Missouri’s offensive production. It seemed these “prayers” were the only thing that was working for the Tigers and they went to it several times. Hunt seemed to always be in the right place, hauling in a number of long passes. He led the team with six receptions for 169 receiving yards.

Key play: With around 11 minutes left in the fourth quarter, Alabama wide receiver Amari Cooper picked up a crucial third down for the Crimson Tide deep in Alabama territory. The first down plus the 15-yards on the late hit following the play gave Alabama great field position and effectively ended things for Missouri. A stop there and the Tigers still have a shot at getting back into the game, but it was the beginning of the end after that first down.

What’s next: Missouri will shake this loss off with some bowl prep after finding out their bowl placement tomorrow.