Potential NCAA violations have been swirling around the University of Missouri for the past few days.

Head coach Barry Odom addressed the situation on Wednesday morning — offering little in the way of content.

According to a report from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, former athletics tutor Yolanda Kumar says she was groomed by her superiors to participate in what she deemed as “academic dishonesty.”

Kumar admits completing entire courses for athletes — in addition to helping with online tests and taking entrance exams for student athletes. She worked with athletes from all sports who needed help in mathematics and statistics.

Kumar had this to say on the ordeal:

“I was groomed to do this, yes. It doesn’t happen in a day or in a week, but it does happen over time and one day it just hit me. I realized how much damage my participation in this has caused (an unnamed student athlete) for his future. It was in that moment that it all broke down for me. I saw that he was depressed, I mentioned that to his coordinator and I realized that I was party to it.”