Robert Griffin III had the misfortune of being on the call for Saturday’s ugly game of “football” between Auburn and Mizzou.

For some reason, coach Eli Drinkwitz couldn’t figure out how to get the ball to Mizzou’s 5-star freshman WR, Luther Burden III.

In the second half, Griffin had seen enough and called out Drinkwitz to his ESPN broadcast partner, Mark Jones (via

“Have we called Luther Burden III’s name yet?” Griffin said to Jones with about five minutes left in the third quarter.

“They still haven’t targeted him that much,” Jones said.

“He’s got two targets, no catches,” Griffin said. “I mean, what is going on? If you’re Eli Drinkwitz, you got to get this guy the ball.”

Following a penalty, the dialogue between Jones and Griffin continued:

After the penalty, Jones asked, “Is it just the extra attention that they’re paying to Luther Burden?”

“No, they are paying extra attention to him, but they have a wildcat package for him,” Griffin said. “If you want to get him the ball, snap the ball to him. Get him on a jet sweep. There are ways to get this guy the ball.”

Burden only got the ball one time, and that was on a 3-yard punt return. That should be considered unacceptable for the Tigers moving forward.