Saturday night’s Mizzou-Kentucky game had a controversial ending, which hurt the Tigers’ last-ditch comeback attempt.

When WR J’Mon Moore was trying to get the ball to an official to spot it on the game’s final drive, Kentucky LB Josh Allen knocked it out of his hands.

That cost the Tigers valuable time, and Moore wasn’t happy about it after the game.

The SEC released a statement on Sunday saying the the officials made a mistake and that the Tigers should have had 16 seconds left instead of four:

Obviously, that doesn’t do Mizzou much good now, as nothing is going to change the fact that the Tigers lost 40-34.

Now, the 1-4 Tigers are simply left to wonder what could have happened had the officials done their jobs correctly and spotted the interference from Allen.

Mizzou can’t catch a break this year, and with a trip to Georgia coming up next week, that’s unlikely to change any time soon.