The college football world was left scratching its head this offseason when the NCAA came down hard on Barry Odom’s Missouri program, hitting the Tigers with multiple sanctions — including a postseason ban in football.

Following an investigation into improper academic benefits, the NCAA not only decided to ban Missouri from postseason play for one season, but they also hit the program with recruiting sanctions. Missouri immediately appealed the NCAA’s decision and is currently awaiting the results of that appeal.

Despite Missouri working hand-in-hand with the NCAA during the entire investigation, the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions came down hard on the school. The decision left many around the country to ponder what is the point of assisting the NCAA in its investigations considering no leniency was provided to Missouri for those efforts.

The NCAA may have set a dangerous precedent with its decision, effectively encouraging schools to not cooperate in investigations in the future.

Missouri is hopeful that its appeal will be well-received and while some may read that as pure unfounded optimism, the school is not alone in that thought.

During a recent appearance on “The True Son Podcast” hosted by Brandon Kiley, Phil Steele offered up his prediction on the situation heading into the fall.

“I think Missouri’s bowl ban gets overturned,” Steele said on the show. “I’m one that feels the NCAA should make it right, it was too stiff of a penalty, go ahead and reduce the scholarships and things like that but a bowl ban, I think, is out of the blue.”

Steele surprised many with his preseason SEC bowl predictions by having Missouri in the Music City Bowl against Wake Forest. Given his belief that Mizzou has its postseason ban overturned, the pick makes much more sense.

Check out this clip of Steele sharing his opinion on “The True Son Podcast”: