Tyler Badie was surprised by the accent of a reporter in the post-game media session on Saturday night following Missouri’s win over Vanderbilt.

Badie was asked a question about a scoring drive when Badie carried the ball 7 times on an 8-play drive. But the accent of Calum McAndrew from the Columbia Missourian was so funny to Badie that it completely de-railed the exchange.

“Where you from, you’ve got a little accent,” Badie said.

McAndrew replied, “You don’t think Missouri, no?”

Badie replied, “Where you from?”

McAndrew: “Scotland.”

Badie: “You got me saying Scotland, OK. I don’t even remember the question, I was stuck on the accent.”

Badie had reason to be in a good mood after he had 31 carries for 254 yards and 2 touchdowns in the 37-28 victory over Vanderbilt.