Vic Fangio has a long history with Drew Lock, but after Saturday night, their relationship may have reached a turning point.

The Denver Broncos fell to the Kansas City Chiefs 28-24 on Saturday to slip to 7-10 on the season as Lock was 12-for-24 passing for 162 yards, along with 4 carries for 35 yards and 2 touchdowns. Fangio, however, was evidently not pleased with the former Missouri quarterback because he was asked about the difference between the Broncos and other AFC West teams.

“Those other 3 teams have top-shelf quarterbacks,” Fangio said.

Fangio’s overall assessment of Lock appeared mixed, as the coach also said, “I thought he had a good game, I thought he played his best game” of the season.

With the Broncos sitting in fourth in the division, it appears something will likely change between Fangio and Lock going forward as the Broncos look to make the playoffs next season.