Evan Boehm is a potential all-conference center. He is under no circumstances a quarterback.

No one can blame him, then, for breaking a cardinal rule and not being prepared for the snap during a practice drill Friday. But oh, did he pay a price.

In this Vine posted by Boehm’s younger brother, Tyler Boehm, the center takes a football to the groin on a snap from Brad McNulty, who happens to be his backup. (Conspiracy, anyone?)

Credit PowerMizzou.com for shooting the video, which made the rounds on Twitter among Tigers media and fans in the last 24 hours.

A bearded individual next to Boehm makes a half-hearted effort to warn the center, but to no avail. The snap had some velocity on it, as well, way more velocity than any man wants directed at his unprotected man parts.

Though Vines are short by nature, it lasts long enough that we see Boehm clutch at himself with both hands and crouch in pain the instant the football collides with him.

“I remember the exact moment when it happened and how bad it really felt,” Boehm said Saturday, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “I called my dad and talked to him about it. Right before we went into a team meeting yesterday at 6:15, my brother texted me and told me to look at his Twitter. I did.

“I guess this just means I have to get him back one way or another.”

David Morrison also had some funny tweets Saturday after talking to Boehm.

Let this serve as a reminder to guys everywhere: Always protect the family jewels.