Drew Lock isn’t afraid to mix it up, whether it’s with opponents or opposing fans.

On Saturday, after Mizzou held on for a 40-37 victory over Purdue, the star quarterback grabbed a sign from a Purdue fan — a sign that said “Mizzou still sucks.”

Afterward, though, something cool happened. As you can see in the video below, Lock explains that the fan had a good sense of humor about it and ended up getting a selfie with Lock:

“One of the guys in the front row had that sign,” he said. “He asked me if I would sign it for him when we lost. I went up to him after the game and asked him if I could still sign it and when I grabbed it, I just ended up walking off with it. He actually waited for us outside the locker room and he was like ‘Hey, you took my sign. Can we at least take a selfie?’ and I was like ‘Yeah man, my bad. It was kind of heat-of-the-moment, but yeah, we can take a selfie.’ It was all fun. I’m glad he took it light-hearted.”

Lock will be back in front of his home fans on Saturday, as the Tigers host Georgia. It sounds like he’ll have at least one new fan watching from West Lafayette, though.