Last week’s inaugural “Thursday Night Football” broadcast on Amazon Prime was quite a sight.

During Week 2, this game came to fruition between two powerhouse teams in the AFC West, Kansas City Chiefs taking on the Los Angeles Chargers.

The ratings for the game itself gained a following.

In its first exclusive Amazon-only broadcast, an average of 13 million people watched this game, per Nielsen.

Amazon surpassed its initial promise of 12.5 million viewers to advertisers.

Gaining an overall warm reception in getting eyeballs locked in on the game. The Amazon Prime platform seemed to achieve more than initially presented for a streaming platform.

Things are certainly off to a good start for the streaming platform. To showcase a live NFL game on their platform only, is a bold move to start. But, with the high level of viewership from Nielsen ratings has shown that more Thursday Night games on Amazon Prime some subscriptions.

The next game will be tonight with the Steelers taking on the Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland at 8:15 p.m. ET.