The Miami Dolphins announced Wednesday that their starting quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa, will miss this coming weekend’s game against the 3-0 Las Vegas Raiders. Tua sustained crack ribs in the Dolphins’ loss against the Buffalo Bills.

Former NFL star and now FOX football analyst Emmanuel Acho called out the Dolphins’ front office for not taking better care of their star quarterback.

He blames them for not taking care of the big guys up front for Tua’s injuries:

“Don’t set Tua up for failure, then complain when he fails,” he said.

“I’m not concerned about Tua at all, I’m concerned about the Miami Dolphins, I’m concerned about the ignorance of the Miami Dolphins, but I’m not actually concerned about Tua.”

Acho continued to rip the Dolphins for not paying right tackle Jesse Davis more money over the years.

“If the Dolphins actually cared about Tua, they would care to protect Tua more.”

Many Dolphin fans and NFL analysts were hard on the quarterback last year and questioned his abilities, but as Acho has pointed out if Tagovailoa is to see success in the NFL, it starts up front.