George Pickens can catch, we all knew that. But the former Georgia receiver can also block.

The Seattle Seahawks found that out the hard way, as the Steelers marched their way to a 32-25 victory in the preseason opener.

Pickens delivered this punishing block during the game, absolutely bulldozing the poor Seattle defender:

Before the season has even officially opened, Pickens is already in beast mode. In his freshman NFL outing, the 6’2 200 pound wide receiver had 3 catches for 43 yards and 1 touchdown.

Of course, in typical George Pickens fashion, the touchdown was also not your average run-of-the-mill touchdown, it was a spectacle. Steelers’ QB Mason Rudolph threw the 26-yard touchdown to Pickens, who caught it while getting both of his feet down and being covered at the back of the end zone.

As Pickens’ presence in the league grows, so does his hype. After missing most of his junior year with an ACL injury, Pickens decided to forego his senior year and declare for the draft. He was picked up in the second round of the draft with the 52nd pick. As ProFootballTalk notes, “Pickens’ skills and abilities are undeniable, and questions inevitably will emerge as to why and how he lasted through 51 selections — 10 of which were receivers.”